Stock-Butt Extension for G&G ARP9

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Tired of using smaller batteries for an all-day game? Here's your solution! Enjoy 70% more battery space and eliminate all cramping of your wires by opting for this Battery Extension Unit.  It provides you with a more spacious stock compartment to accommodate in ease larger sized batteries as well as your MOSFET, fuse and all the cables inside without over bending and triggering any unrepairable damages.


  • Relieve a cramped environment for your MOSFET and cables to sit to prevent it from over bending and damage.
  • Utilize larger battery capacity.
  • Eliminates the unsteady butt-stock by locking down the two metal rails!
  • Once installed, the Krytac PDW remains just as compact as before - perfect for CQB use!
  • Designed for Krytac Trident MK-II M PDW Series Airsoft AEGs
  • Battery Compartment Size: 130x35x34mm including wiring
  • Made of strong, flexible nylon that is resistant to BB impact and rough handling.


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