DMZ Aztec Kevlar Vest

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Model: Aztec
Level of protection: III-A
Perforation % 0.357: 0%
Perforation% MAG 44: 1.51%
Certification: NIJ STF 0101.06, NIJ MARK Authorized

These bulletproof panels are made with unidirectional aramid fibers. Our novel anti-trauma systems is made with low density exothermally expanded foam in synergy with unidirectionally ran aramid fibers that reduce and disperse trauma caused by projectiles. Our anti-trauma system is soft and light (never rigid) to allow for mobility without compromising safety.

The internal part of the cover has a 2mm spacer mesh, which allows the passage of air itself that circulates through convection keeping the user cool and providing the best comfort, 100% polyester

On the front and back, it has 10 “x 12” ballistic plate-holder bags, hidden with an external wallet, which are covered with velcro to place patches with signs or legends according to the needs of the corporation. All seams are reinforced by clips at their joints. The front part of the holster has a molle system that allows the user to insert accessories such as a pistol, double chargers, handcuffs or any other accessory that the user of the garment can use.


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