AV 3000PSI 13ci Tank & valve 1100psi 

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The Air Venturi 13 oz. aluminum high pressure air tank is the perfect pairing for many air guns and a common modding accessory. It's particularly useful for you if you got a QB79. You can simply convert it to high air pressure to enjoy more consistent shots and easy re-fillings.


  • 13 cubic inches D.O.T. and TC approved aluminum bottle
  • 3,000 psi maximum pressure (206 bars)
  • Regulator output pressure of 1,100 psi
  • Fill via male quick disconnect fitting fixed on valve assembly
  • Bonnet thread
  • DOT, low pressure burst disc
  • Restrictor, bleed hole and safety groove
  • Mini fill valve is hardened, plated
  • Shipped empty
  • Weight: .5 lbs.

Buy the gun: UMX2252662
Buy HPA Adapter: UMX2211133


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