ASP Talon Infinity Baton Airweight with Vector Grip and Cap

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Brand: ASP

After decades of consistently raising the bar on expandable baton design, construction and performance, ASP’ve found a way to outdo themselves. Like their original and proven Talon design, these batons open decisively with a quick upward or downward flick—or quietly, with fingertip extension—and close directly into the scabbard or hand, with a push of the end cap or button. But with the Infinity family, ASP’ve reduced moving parts for greater precision, strength and long-term dependability. ASP’ve incorporated exclusive materials and construction to ensure faster, smoother deployment and retraction, while eliminating the need for routine lubrication.

The Infinity family also adds a stunning, extra corrosion-resistant electroless nickel finish option, and an aggressively-textured Vector grip option, so there are more choices than ever. And like all ASP batons, the Talon Infinity series is supported by a full range of scabbards, glass-shattering BreakAway Tips, cap options and other accessories.


  • Retracted Length: 7.06", 8.25", 9.63"
  • Weight (Airweight): 8.8, 11.2, 12 ounces
  • 4140 Steel
  • Diameter: 1.06"

Compatible sheath: ASP1002


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