ASG CZ Shadow 2 Blowback CO2 BB Airgun

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The ASG CZ Shadow 2 CO2 Airgun pistol takes its styling from its real steel counterpart and delivers on all the same great features. The slide is crafted out of anodized aluminium and features a less rounded and more angled design with a slight weight increase due to a wider slide. The added weight and sharper design of the slide eases recoil management and allows for more precise shots on the target. The serrations on the slide are deeper and more pronounced, thus giving the shooter a firmer grip when racking the slide. The checkering at the front and back of the pistol grip is also more defined and when combined with the CNC machined zinc shells, which are thinner in profile, they promote a much better wrap around the pistol grip. The trigger guard has also been extended for easier trigger access and to allow smoother operation when wearing gloves. The Shadow 2 also features a new grip angle cut, which is deeper at the beaver tail.


  • Type: BB pistol
  • Manufacturer: ASG
  • Model: CZ SHADOW 2
  • Materials: Full Metal
  • Weight: 1230gr/2.7lb
  • Barrel: 95mm/3.7inch
  • Power Source: CO2

Buy the magazine: ASG19498


GunBarrelLength:9.5 cm (3.7 inch)
GunFPS:350 to 400

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