Advanced Hop-up Chamber/ Inner Barrel Locking Ring

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Once this new O-ring is installed, it will ensure a snug fit to restrict the motion of the barrel that is inside the hop-up chamber. It will secure the inner barrel and maintains itself steadily locked in the true horizontal position. Even when shots are fired, which is the moment where there is the most stress and vibration at the hop-up, the O-ring will ensure the structure is intact.  This in turn will create a dependable system for the BB to travel down the barrel undisturbed for the most consistent and accurate shots.


  • Fully lock on the inner barrel and hop-up chamber.
  • Elongated O-ring to latch onto the inner barrel.
  • Stabilized System Prevents any vibrational shift on the hop set-up.
  • Improve shooting consistency.
  • Tough Polycarbonate Construction. 6x silicone O-rings are also included with the package used to replace the spring that goes along the inner barrel. Tests incrementally you need for a perfect fit.
  • NO hop-up chamber included.
  • Compatible designs:
  • MAXX CNC Aluminum Hop-up Chamber ME - PRO & SPORT
  • MAXX CNC Aluminum Hop-up Chamber MI - PRO & SPORT
  • MAXX CNC Aluminum Hop-up Chamber SV - VFC SCAR-L/H
  • MAXX CNC Aluminum Hop-up Chamber ME - Umbrella Armory Ver.
  • MAXX CNC Aluminum Hop-up Chamber ME - EMG & Specna Arms Ver


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